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Windows Mobile 6.x

Oct 18th, 2010


Windows Mobile is a platform for mobile devices based on Windows Embedded CE and used in a wide variety of Windows® phones (eg. HTC). The new design of Windows Mobile Professional is focused on touch.

The new Start screen has a touch friendly pattern that is fun and interactive as the user taps, flicks, pans, and scrolls.

A new Lock screen lets users interact with user interface elements and view some notification data without having to enter a simple PIN.

Significant improvements in overall stability, battery life, and performance, which can increase customer satisfaction and reduce returns.

The ability for users to switch between Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) without rebooting the device. This is a necessary feature for business power users who need broad international coverage.

VIEWS PROFESSIONALS have acquired the necessary technical expertise and can now develop solutions on this platform.

Our expertise ranges from the classic Windows Mobile Applications, through Mobile Web Applications to the new Windows Mobile Widgets.

Our latest interest is on the new Windows Mobile Widgets because of the new wealth of experiences it offers device users on the move, particularly the reduced network access. This is a key benefit features for mobile power users that rely on phone networks that charge by packet transfer rates.