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AFRICA TECHNOLOGIES is a web development and software engineering company that develops corporate enterprise level websites, builds application software and middleware solutions for businesses, governments and institutions. Our corporate slogan is “value innovation powered by technology”. We conduct business by innovating value, empowering our customers to exploit such values through technology, measuring the results and benefits of value to the customer and keeping a smile on their faces!

We build solutions for sectors such as telecommunications, energy, retail and service businesses, universities & colleges, schools, health sector and governments. Our I.T. solutions can be classified into three; web development and programming, application software and middleware solutions. .


Our core strengths lie in our people and their capability to innovate value for customers. We thus drive our innovations with world best technologies and practice. Africa Technologies offers a high degree of quality in service delivery; this is a promise to our society.

Making use of Industry’s best practices in all processes ensures that we stay ahead of the competition.


  • Customer Satisfaction First

    Our clients are our most Priced Asset and as such are treated with the highest regards as possible. That is why we strive to provide them with the best possible quality sloutions and services.

    After all, there is no AFRICA TECHNOLOGIES without them in our portfolio.

  • On Time Delivery Second

    We are aware that our Esteemed Clients operates in a time critical environment, where what business succeed or not could well be determined by what business gets to the market first.

    It is our utmost priority to deliver ON TIME no matter how stringent the timeline schedule.

  • Price Third

    We constantly research new possibilities of helping our clients reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximize their Return On Investment (ROI) on the solutions and services we provide.

    We pride ourselves in our ability to provide quality services below market competitive prices.