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Our involvement in the Mobile sector comprises of Design and Development of Mobile Website, Porting of Web Applications to Mobile Platform and Development of Business Software on the Windows Mobile Operating System.

Mobile Website Development

With increasing internet access via mobile phones and devices, Businesses now deems it critical to have a mobile site. Access via mobile phones (excluding Smartphone) does have its limitations.

We pride ourselves in our ability to develop Mobile Website devoid of these limitations, we develop site that are optimized for mobile devices and are guaranteed to display well on major type of phone browsers (including Smartphone).

Porting Web Application to Mobile Platform

This is the transformation of a web application desktop interface to a mobile interface for user interactivity via mobile phones and devices.

With the use of Mobile best practices as outlined by the Mobile Web Initiative (MWI), we ensure that users experience of the transformed application is blissful while remaining functional and effective.

Development of Business Software on Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile is a platform for mobile devices based on Windows Embedded CE and used in a wide variety of Windows® phones.

We are able to develop bespoke Business Software, whether the application consume online resources or needs to operate offline and later synchronize to a centralized server when the devices comes online.

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