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Our Professional CMS (Content Management System) Website service have been carefully categorized into two plans (Basic and Standard plans) based on identified clients needs.

Basic CMS Website Plan:

This plan meets the needs of most companies or businesses that require common website features and functionalities. It is highly recommended for companies or businesses that has low budget and want to have an elegant web presence.

The plan allows you to start with little overhead, with the opportunity of extending your website features and functionalities as you grow.

Basic CMS Website Plan Benefits:

  • Ease of use
    Anyone that can type and browse can use our CMS websites service.
  • Easily editable content
    Editing website content has never be easier, no need of web designers or any technical know-how. Add/Edit website content is now like working with MS Word or other word processors.
  • Website Content Versioning
    Mistake deletion of website content is now in the past. You cannot lose any site content, as previous content as save as versions, you can also restore previous version.
  • Multilingual Support
    You now have the ability to display of multiple languages.


Standard CMS Website Plan:

This plan has all the features and functionalities of the Basic CMS Website Plan with the added advantage of adding Bespoke/Custom needs. It is suited for companies or businesses’ that requires special website features and functionalities.

We know that businesses are unique and as such would have unique requirements, if you require more than the our Basic CMS Website features and functionalities, please do not hesitate to let us know of it, please submit your requirements here >>